Green Getaway : Friday Fictioneers

Green Getaway

I whistled Yellow Submarine as I manoeuvred the speedboat into the channel.

It was something about that sea of green, I guess. The aquatic plants stretched almost as far as the eye could see.

Kate was not amused.

“Don’t get any crazy ideas,” she snarled, digging the muzzle of her revolver into the small of my back.

I gritted my teeth, threw the boat into a swerve, and dived into the water, through the plants, and into the icy waters beneath.

I was a good swimmer. I heard the muffled shots, but was unscathed!

The rest wouldn’t be as easy.

(100 words)

This weeks Friday Fictioneers prompt is © Erin Leary

27 thoughts on “Green Getaway : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. Dear Graham,

    I’m curious to know where this story will go. You left me swimming in icy water, dodging bullets. Pretty frightening. And if that’s not enough, now I’m humming Yellow Submarine. 😉 Well done.




  2. Hah, this is great and action-packed. I like how it all starts so harmonic with the song and quickly moves t scary. I guess the narrator will be lucky, because Karen will have her hands full maneuvring the boat. Maybe she falls in, too. Time to get some air and dive further away.

    Liked by 1 person

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