Six Word Challenges

I recently made an addition to my weekly challenges. A weekly six word challenge organised over at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Challenge.

A few weeks ago I was surprised to have won a second place and I proudly displayed my second place badge.

Well this week I am absolutely gobsmacked to have won first place!


I often find myself creating six word stories from much longer fiction and it’s a great exercise in brevity with substance.

If you are not doing this challenge (or any other 6 word challenge, because there are many to be found) I would really recommend you to start now.

Why not click on the link above to make your entry. You just need to enter it into the comments and all the other entrants and visitors can like it therefore voting. The only condition is only those who have voted can win. Congratulations to Little Voice and WhatSandraThinks and all the other entrants. I’m sure I’ll ‘see’ you next week!

First place this week goes to GrahamLawrence with his story ‘Diagnosis. Surgery. Painful treatment. Cancer free!’. A very fitting winner after World Cancer day.

Second place goes to Little Voice with her story She was last, but she finished.

Third place goes to WhatSandraThinks with her story Jeans from my teens fit me!

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