Harry and Alice : Sunday Photo Fiction

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 Alice took one last look towards the port before clearing the hill overlooking the ocean. She gripped the wheel as she drove, the tension from last nights dispute still fresh in her mind. She turned on the radio hoping some music would change her mood.
 Harry had been insufferable. In their ten years together she’d never known him to be so unreasonable. He wouldn’t even look at her when he spoke and no amount of persuasion would make him change his mind.
 It was over. Finished. Ancient history.
 She screamed her frustration at the windscreen as the car gained speed dangerously. In her rage she took increasing risks with each bend, oblivious to the inevitability of an accident unless she retook control and slowed down.
 The music stopped and latest news poured from the speakers.
 “We’ve just heard that Harry and Alice, the world famous cabaret artists have ended their career after more than 10 years together. Their last performance was on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean last night. Neither was available to comment. “
 She slammed the brakes and swerved into a lay-by.
 Slumped over the steering wheel she let her sobs subside, took a handkerchief from her bag and adjusted her make-up.
 She wasn’t going to let the bastard have the last word.
 She put the car back into gear and turned, heading back to the ship.
 Harry was in for a big surprise.
 I’ve composed this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction on holiday in Peru. My next challenges and stories will be a little more sporadic than usual until I get back home!

2 Replies to “Harry and Alice : Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. I agree with Jessie. It is good she didn’t have an accident. Hopefully, she can get the two of them back together. You have left your story open ended and we get to decide the ending with our own imaginations. Great story, Graham!

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