In the Middle of the Night : Sunday Photo Fiction

This weeks Sunday Photo Fiction is inspired from a photo © A Mixed Bag 2014.

In the Middle of the Night

After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours, Daniel realised that it was useless to stay in bed. He might as well use, rather than be used by the night.

Alison seemed so calm and peaceful. He traced the soft contours of her face with his eyes and paused a moment in the doorway, fascinated by the slow rise and fall of her respiration.

He closed the bedroom door quietly behind him.

Pouring himself a large glass of Malbec, he took it with him to the studio.

Setting a large canvas on the easel he seized his brushes and spread large, black, heavy, cloud-like forms over a pinkish grey, moody, brooding centre.

His hands danced over the canvas with ever increasing speed. His chest tightened and his breathing became shallow and rapid. He emitted low moans of despair as he swayed from side to side, letting rip several fierce pink tinged white flashes of an impending thunderstorm.

Feeling the comforting warmth of hands on his shoulders he turned his gaze to see Alison. Hot tears were falling down his face and he felt a ripping pain in his throat.

She whispered softly. “It’ll get better love.”

(198 words)

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19 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Night : Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. A lot of emotion in this story. Her’s is calm and soothing and his seems to be very strong and rigid and he’s trying to stay in control of it. Whatever the cause I hope they can overcome it together. Great story.

    Liked by 1 person

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