The Parking Lot : FFftPP

The Parking Lot

Fred and Bert looked at the trash bin in the middle of the parking lot.

Fred chuckled.

“Remember when we were kids Bert?”

“Yup … flying saucers and alien attacks!”

They both laughed.

“It was long before Spielberg and Lucas,” said Bert.

“Yeah, we swapped our Asimov’s and our Heinlein’s, didn’t we? replied Fred.

They fell silent a moment, feeding on memories and boyish insouciance.

“Still no cars or people then Bert?”

“No, there’s a recurrent software bug in the Hologram module, but this is the middle of nowhere and there’s nobody to fix it.”

“No fun watching a trash can in an empty parking lot though is it?”

“When we get back to Starbase 23, I’ll ask them to upload the jungle module from the AppStore,” Bert added, clapping to signal the end of the session.

The image disappeared and the harsh realities of interplanetary travel on the iExplorer reappeared.

Fred sighed and they both got up to resume their duties.

This is my entry to this weeks Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner lovingly curated by Roger Shipp.

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