Just Visiting : Friday Fictioneers

Just Visiting

“The apartment’s crap!”

Amanda goes to the window and opens it.

“You call this a quaint view over the river?”

“Well it is a bit … different from the website.”

“You bet your life it is,” she sniggers as I retreat into the room.

I’m sure she hasn’t appreciated the irony of her last remark.

I notice a faint yellowish flash from a top window of the red bricked building opposite, but hear no sound.

Amanda’s face displays surprise as she falls lifeless to the floor.

Taking out my mobile I text “Subject terminated : Send in the cleaners”

I leave expeditiously.

(100 words)

Another week, another Friday Fictioneers entry! This weeks excellent prompt is provided by our host, Rochelle Wisoff Fields herself. Thanks Rochelle!

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