Honour amongst thieves : Sunday Photo Fiction

Honour amongst Thieves

The gems are stashed safely and discreetly in a small metal box dissimulated in the brickwork at the back of the boathouse.

Johnny, Sam and I put them there after the heist. We didn’t want to attract undue attention through lifestyle changes.

Unfortunately I was caught and detained on a similar job a few years later, when two bank guards tried to bar my escape route and I was compelled to neutralise them.

I’ve always kept a discreet and watchful eye on the boathouse over the years though, and of course I left instructions with Bert.

Johnny tried first. He took a ladder up to the left side window. Bert said that he screamed as he fell to the ground, and was already dead when his body hit the ground. He boarded up the window.

Sam had a subtler approach. He hired a painter’s van and started to paint the large doors a rather nice blue. Metal is a wonderful conductor and Bert said that his body danced weird spasms as he fell.

Naturally, I promised 50% of the gems to Bert, so I’m a bit disturbed by his message.

‘100% is now due. Cheers. Bert.’

It’s Sunday, so of course it’s Sunday Photo Fiction time! Don’t forget to click on the link above to read the other entries.

19 thoughts on “Honour amongst thieves : Sunday Photo Fiction

      1. I have written loads of sequels. I am writing a book that started out as flash fiction segments. There are several who do Sunday Photo Fiction that do several parts. I love reading multi-part stories. It gives background and depth.

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      2. I only meant as entries to challenges. I’ve written a few sequels in the past but each one stood alone as a challenge entry. So I agree with you!


  1. I can see something is going to have to be done about Bert. I wonder if Graham was ever going to give him any of the gems in the first place. He may even have had someone spy on BErt. You never know.

    Great story Graham

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