Village Tales : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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Village Tales

The Photo Centre, located right at the back of the village, still retains some of it’s former magic and wonder.

In it’s heyday, hundreds of visitors flocked inside to collect their photos after coming down the mountain on the cable car.

The photographers snapped the excited tourists and the photo centre enhanced each photo with a backdrop and logo.

Then the catastrophic avalanche of 1995 destroyed the mountainside, and the promoters were forced to abandon the site shortly after.

Now the abandoned blue and lemon building is slowly decaying: left to suffer under the torrid sun and spice laden winds.

The photographers found work elsewhere, and the other employees either went back to what they were doing before, or left the village for good.

The carpenter, however, found fortune elsewhere. He was invited to construct his round wooden doors as part of fantasy villages on film locations in New Zealand, and they are now popular tourist destinations. There is talk of other locations and of franchising opportunities.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge to write 100-175 (or less) words prompted by a supplied photo. This week’s photo is © Uday, with the blog, Udayology.

20 Replies to “Village Tales : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers”

    1. Thanks Angie! Now we’re off to a romantic getaway evening with Prosecco and a three course meal. Yay! Overnight stay in a nice hotel and back tomorrow afternoon after a little shopping!

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  1. I liked the “spice laden winds” especially. And I definitely noticed the resemblance to Hobbit houses — I had to abandon several story ideas because they kept veering into making the halflings in my world seem FAR too much like that fantasy village in New Zealand!

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