Confrontation : Friday Fictioneers


“Don’t do anything stupid, dumbass” said Silas, leering maniacally.

Nick felt the anger rising from that secret place between mind and body and felt it erupting, burning and caustic.

A little voice from somewhere softer and lighter tried unsuccessfully to stem the flow but it was too little and much too late. Definitely inappropriate.

His whole body tensed, muscles alert and ready.

With astonishing rapidity, his right fist connected with Silas’s jaw and jolts of electricity ran up his arm.

Silas fell, unconscious before hitting the ground, his head narrowly missing the white porcelain toilet dumped in the yard.

How lucky we are that even if Rochelle is super busy that she still managed to provide us with a challenge this week. Thanks Rochelle!

This weeks prompt is © Ted Strutz. You can read all the other entries by following this link to Friday Fictioneers.

14 thoughts on “Confrontation : Friday Fictioneers

  1. We don’t know the “why” of the fight and it doesn’t matter – this is a great description of how anger can boil up (and so often unreasonably so…

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