The Bus Incident : Sunday Photo Fiction

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The Bus Incident

I chopped off the top of my soft boiled egg with a Samurai-like gesture and ended with a flourish.


Sally looked up from her toast and rolled her eyes playfully as I scooped up some yolk.

“You’re going to drop …”

“No, I,m no…”

A large blob of bright yellow yolk slided onto my new white shirt.

“Shit!” I jumped up and grabbed a cloth.

“Clumsy as usual.”

“Just unlucky that’s all.”

“A disaster continually waiting to happen.” Sally grinned.

The cloth spread the yolk over an ever expanding area.

I looked up at our photo of a London Double Decker Bus.

“Being maladroit brought us together though.” I pointed to the photo.

Sally smiled as we remembered the Bus Incident. I was holding onto the bar on the open platform when it swerved round a bend and I lost my grip and was unceremoniously ejected.

Sally was on the corner. I narrowly missed her in my fall but she stayed to attend to my injuries and we’ve been together ever since.

I reached over for a kiss but she pointed at my messy pullover.

I sighed with mock frustration and went upstairs to change.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a story in about 200 words inspired by a provided photo. This weeks photo is © A Mixed Bag 2015.


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