Circle of Life : FFftPP

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Stop saying “It’s just the circle of life.

We lie on the beach, my lover and I,
Breathing softly and rhythmically,
Synchronising with the incoming waves.
Lapping up the last remnants of warmth
From the late afternoon sun.

Arm in arm,
Legs intertwined,
Unhurriedly diminishing the empty space between us,
To become one, once again.

Intermingled breath,
Heartbeat against heartbeat,
Skin against skin,
My love,
Woven with your love.

No word is spoken,
Not even a whisper or a sigh,
Although our smiles speak volumes
And our eyes twinkle and dance,
When they are not closed in contentment.

My breath aligns with your breath,
My lips find your lips,
As shivers descend my spine.
I search for your moist warmth with my tongue,
Your tongue finds mine,
And as they dance, they send deep aching heat and throbbing passion,
While we consummate the Circle of Life.

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner is a weekly flash fiction challenge.

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