Alice took a deep breath and passed delicately between the budding shrubs and her car.

She got in and inched out of the narrow alley that served as her private car park.

She sped along the highway, cranking up the volume and singing in a high pitched shrill that, luckily, no one would hear.

Her day had been a never ending flow of meetings with a rushed BLT, long after lunchtime. Like the rest of the week.

But now it was Friday and a large glass of Pinot with a warm pizza would be her reward. She was sure she had some firewood to take the chill from the late April night.

She drove into her driveway and stopped the car.

As she opened the car door there was an immense whoosh of air and a mighty bang.

She looked at her cottage and saw the rich reds and oranges of autumn, framing the front door, and felt the warm autumnal air on her skin.

She let out a strangled cry.


She’d shifted forward again.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers this week tries to take a different slant on the prompt. Away from murder, depression and passion. I hope you like it! My thanks once again to Priceless Joy for challenging us each week! I appreciate it a lot.


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