Loss of a loved one : FFfAW

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Loss of a loved one

“I couldn’t go through with it,” Clive said.

“Why not?” Adam replied.

“Dunno, it just felt wrong.”

Did Sarah go with you?

First thing she said was “What is that peculiar smell?”


“Yeah a musky, unpleasant, animal smell.”

“You chose the wrong place Bro. Shouldn’t smell at all.”

“All those animals I guess.”

“Even though; they should clean with regular Carbolic Acid. That would do the job.”

“Since when are you the expert, Adam?”

“Didn’t I show you?”

He led Clive into his study and turned on the lights.”

There on the top of a filing cabinet, was a glass display cabinet, and inside were a pair of Meerkats, seemingly alert, but strangely immobile, sniffing the air.

Their eyes were eerily open.

Going over to examine them, Clive read the Gold Plaque.

‘In memory. Martha and Mathilda, 2014’

A minute passed. He was lost in thought.

“Oh no, that’s too weird. Like a sad museum exhibit. We’ll just take Rory to the Pet Crematorium.”

“It’s not for you then.”

“No; this Taxidermy is so, other century.”

Leaving the study, Adam turned to take a last glance, before closing the door behind them.

It’s Friday (Yay!) and time for another entry to Roger Shipp’s weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. challenge. It’s week 15. Thanks again Roger!

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