Transit : Sunday Photo Fiction




“Drop what you’re doing and run down to the end of your street!”

“Wha …?”

“Don’t argue! Just go!”

“But …”

“Now … and don’t hang-up!!”

Pete’s voice faltered and his breath laboured as he broke into a run.

“Faster. It’s important.”


“You there yet?”


“Shout when you get to the where the drain runs into the stream.”

“I can see it now.”

“When you get there don’t take your eyes of it!”

“Explain; otherwise, I might walk away,” he cajoled.

“Like hell you will, if you value our friendship.”

“I’m listening…”

Short silence.

“I was getting into the car when my wedding ring, erm, slipped off my finger and dropped into the drain. You should see it any minute now.”

“I s’ppose. What were you doing playing with your ring anyway?”

“I came out of a … um meeting, and was taking it out of the glove compartment.”

Pete hung up.


I turned the corner and could see him at the end of the street.

I jumped out of the car.

“Any luck?”

“Two small Lego blocks, a bent silver spoon and three toffee wrappers.”

“I’m screwed!”

Here is a piece of Flash Fiction for this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge. The prompt is © A Mixed Bag, 2014.



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