Sometimes I wish the world would slow down so that I could climb back onto it. Everything becomes an indistinguishable blur of lights and sounds, a bit like those photos of car headlight trails you sometimes see in magazines.

Then the world stops spinning for an instant and I feel your hand on mine.

“Anyone in there?”

“Sorry … lost in thought,” I reply.

“You’ve not heard a word I said, have you?”

“Sorry, Beth, I’m not very good company tonight…”

But Beth can’t hear me. She’s as still as a statue while the restaurant is mute and immobile. Time flows slowly and silently and only the sounds of my digestion remain.

It’s difficult coping with these frequent chronological discrepancies.

Weaving in and out of time has led to a very solitary existence.

Sure I’m used to outliving those I love, but lately I’m even having a hard time maintaining conversations.

Then I see you, weaving your way nonchalantly through the immobile bodies towards me.

I’m not alone!

My heart beats faster, my hair stands on end and my muscles are primed and on red alert.

Friend or foe?

Once again, it’s Sunday and time for Sunday Photo Fiction!

The prompt is ©A Mixed Bag, 2013. Thanks Alistair for another fine challenge!

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