Barbaric : Friday Fictioneers

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I think  a lot of you have become accustomed to my writing  since I started last summer. You know that each week I try to take an interesting slant on a photo prompt or a given word or sentence.

Often, if I have problems in interpreting the prompt, I can normally find a way of writing around it or against it or even sometimes oppose it with something that inspires me.

I am still on a learning curve however and when faced with this weeks Friday Fictioneers photo prompt (© Madison Woods) I find that I just can’t confront the image. There doesn’t seem to be a way around the pain and suffering inflicted by barbed wire since it was invented in the late 19th century.

Even to my mind, it’s use in limiting the movement of cattle and other grazing animals is questionable and I shudder at the use of the word economic to describe it’s advantages to other forms of fencing.

You can imagine then, that it’s use for containing people, specially in wars and conflicts is totally beyond my comprehension and saddens me to the core of my being.

My only wish would be for it’s un-invention.

Again, in my mind, it conjures up the words barbarism and barbaric and I apologise, as a fellow human being, to all those that have suffered through it’s use.

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