Danny was a beautiful boy.

His parents would proudly say, “that’s our boy!”

Although he went to a school for boys, all he thought about was the girls.

The girls fancied Danny. They would say, “Oh boy, he’s cute!”

He wanted their company but they pushed him away.

The boys couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to become one of the boys.

They pushed him away.

Each night Danny’s Mum put her little boy to bed.

“Goodnight darling Danny”

Then one night, he said, “I’d rather be Danielle.”

She replied softly, “I know darling; I know.”

Danielle was a beautiful girl.

Yay! A chance click in my browser led me back to Literary Lion to discover that it has become a monthly challenge. I’m so happy because I have a strong link to the challenge as it was one of the first challenges I undertook last year.

So naturally I’ve  put it back into my calendar.

This month, then, I’m two weeks late so I’m sorry for the late entry.

Thanks Laura. I’m so happy it’s back!

This months challenge by the way is Boys.

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