T. Rex

My first love Deborah and I used to get it on. We were living the teenage dream.

“I love to boogie!” she would say, “I was born to boogie!!”

She left me for the Jeepster.

“At least he gives me Hot Love, which is a lot more than you gave me.”

She extinguished our light of love. I was miserable.

After the jeepster she bedded a guy known as Telegram Sam. It was more of a solid gold easy action sexual relationship than a hearts and flowers romance, if you see what I mean.

I still felt lost and abandoned and almost made out with a London Boy called the Groover, but realised that guys weren’t really my thing.

Then that whole era faded away.

Deborah married a chartered accountant called Marc and I met you, my dreamy lady, at the zoo and took you to see the Peregrine falcons.

“Shall we ride a white swan on the boating lake?” You asked, and the band played Rock on. “Let’s celebrate summer together!”

We were the children of the revolution. A 20th century boy and girl.

Sunday Photo Fiction is back again! How many song titles can you find in my story?

Photo prompt is © A mixed bag, 2014.

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