Sporting Hazards : Sunday Photo Fiction

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Sporting Hazards

I’m going to tell you the truth, upfront.

Someone might get seriously hurt in this tale.

Now, I don’t want you to worry unduly about it, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least warn you from the onset.

It won’t come as a big surprise. You’ll see it coming. You’ll have time to prepare yourself.

Picture this.

A dusty road track.

When the speeding cars take the bend the visibility is practically zero.

Don’t worry about the spectators, they’re safely behind the barriers.

Now look closely.

Notice the photographer by the side of the track with his eyes glued to the viewfinder of his camera, lens pointed to the apex of the bend.

Over the roar of the engines and the squealing tyres there’s a small explosion and a random tyre flies through the dust.

Direction our photographer.

No time to think, he throws his camera to intercept the object and ducks to the side.

Not quick enough unfortunately, but after a long hospital stay you can hardly tell.

The photos he took however earned him a fortune and a first prize in last years sports awards.

In the end, you could say he was fortunate.

It could’ve ended badly.

This is this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction. The prompt is © A Mixed Bag, 2014. It reminded me of when I used to go to Scotland to see Car Rallies when I was a teenager.

It was very exciting but I narrowly avoided many accidents getting the best vantage points!

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