The Beach

Gemma was having another restless night.

I felt her toss and turn endlessly.

I knew there was little I could do.

She paused for a moment and I sensed the tension in the bedroom dissipating slightly.

Her breathing slowed.

And stopped.

Then suddenly she released a strange tormented squeal.

“No! Someone save him!” she cried.

I reached over for her hand. It was moist and sticky.

I squeezed it gently and she awoke abruptly with wild staring eyes.

“I had the same nightmare again.”

Her voice was broken.

I nuzzled her hair softly.

“We were on the beach, watching Daniel drown, and there was this huge stone statue of a giant, carved in the rock supporting a pathway on its back.”

She sobbed, “It was laughing as Daniel was dragged away by the currents.”


I sighed.

Its never going to go away I thought. Even after 50 years. That fateful seaside trip, the three of us playing on the beach and the dreadful accident.

And then we were just two, united by love and by the grief that comes back regularly to haunt us.

An intriguing photo prompt from ©momtheobscure for this weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!

14 Replies to “The Beach : FFfAW”

  1. I love your thoughtful takes on promote Graham. You always come up with a unique story. This is sad there friend drowned and I’m glad they’ve had each other. But it does sound like a scary nightmare to have throughout ones life. I can picture that statue laughing and I think that would be terrifying in your dream, as your best friend drowned. Well done 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I do try, most of the time, to take what I hope to be an unconventional approach as I find it exercises my writing muscles. What a great prompt this week though don’t you think!? There is some ‘artistic’ licence with a recurring nightmare over 50 years but in 200 words you are obliged, I think, to condense the drama. Not a lot of leeway to add too many nuances. I love nuances by the way! Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate your input!

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