The Beach : FFfAW

14 thoughts on “The Beach : FFfAW”

  1. I love your thoughtful takes on promote Graham. You always come up with a unique story. This is sad there friend drowned and I’m glad they’ve had each other. But it does sound like a scary nightmare to have throughout ones life. I can picture that statue laughing and I think that would be terrifying in your dream, as your best friend drowned. Well done 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I do try, most of the time, to take what I hope to be an unconventional approach as I find it exercises my writing muscles. What a great prompt this week though don’t you think!? There is some ‘artistic’ licence with a recurring nightmare over 50 years but in 200 words you are obliged, I think, to condense the drama. Not a lot of leeway to add too many nuances. I love nuances by the way! Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate your input!

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