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Not Part of the Plan

Danny sprang out of bed, his little feet hitting the floor even before he was fully awake.

He rushed to the window.

Grey skies! Clouds! It looked so gloomy.

Oh no! Disaster.

He opened the window and cocked his head to listen.

No birdsong. Not a bird in the sky. They seemed motionless on the power lines.

He heard a rumble on the stairs and muffled whispers.

Then the whole family tumbled into the bedroom, singing and dancing.

“Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-A”

“Happy Birthday!”

Yes! It was going to be a great day!

This weeks Friday Fictioneers photo prompt is © Roger Bultot.

Looking back at some of my last fiction I was determined, this week, to write something a little less gloomy!

41 Replies to “Not Part of the Plan : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. Nice take on the prompt Graham. I mentioned this elsewhere last week – “sprung” is the past participle, and “sprang” is the past tense. So “he sprang” out of bed but he “had sprung” out of bed. I’m a pedant, I know. Forgive me. 😉

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  2. A lovely story! Love that sweet, sad moment – the young hero upset that the day is ruined because the weather’s rubbish! That’s so like a small child. Remember Zip a dee doo da very well. ‘My blue bird’s on my shoulder – it’s the truth, it’s actual – everything is satisfactual!’ Happy days. Great sotry, Graham

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