Much Ado

The twins had been bickering all morning.

First they couldn’t decide what to wear.

“Should we wear something smart? Ellie asked.

“Nah, just jeans and a T-Shirt,” Beckie snapped.

Then it was breakfast.

“Toast?” Beckie enquired.

“Just coffee.”

Ellie grabbed her mug and swung it to her mouth, spilling coffee over her flowered top.

“Damn, damn, shit damn,” she exclaimed.

Beckie tried to dab it with a tea towel.

“You’re making it worse!”

“Well go and get changed! We have to go now!”

They put on their jackets, left the house and drove to the museum.

Neither of them noticed the banner.

’E.E Twins – Rural Life : A retrospective.’

They headed to the last exhibit : A jute cloth with a rusty storm lantern and an overused paintbrush. All it needed was the placement of the final element.

Ellie looked at Beckie.

Beckie looked back at Ellie.

Then in unison they said, “Didn’t you bring a shovel?”

Here is this weeks Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. The prompt this week is © Thanks  Roger for another great challenge!



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