All the Colours : FFfAW

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All the Colours

“Paint it red!”

“Paint it blue!”



“Deep red; like the blood that oozes from your wounds.”

“No blue; the watery blue of your tears.”

The voices in her head made her twitch and squirm and brought that wild gaze to her anguished, twisted face.

She clenched both fists and waved them in the air rocking her body slowly from side to side, trying to sway herself away from the pain.

But eventually she felt the slow gradual dulling of her senses as her meds kicked in and she started to draw herself inwards as the voices retreated. Back into her body, filling the spaces that the craziness had temporarily abandoned.

She rested motionless, eyes closed, and then slowly opened them moving towards the front door.

Leaving the house, with her paints and brushes, she went to the bottom of the garden to the old car.

Then picking her own colours, she applied them to the car body, painting all the bright, happy things that her mind tried to deny her.

Each brush stroke drew victory.

This week’s prompt for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge is © S Writings.

13 Replies to “All the Colours : FFfAW”

  1. Very cool. I love how you described her meds calming her from this clash of red and blue. Almost like she has those fairies from Sleeping Beauty doing magic inside her head trying to make Aurora’s dress the colour they each want. You mirror the effect of her meds calming her and making her feel ‘herself’ with her painting of the old car. Carefully crafted tale.

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