La Soucoupe : Friday Fictioneers

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La Soucoupe

“C’est une soucoupe!” exclaimed Gregorie.

“Speak in English darling,” his mother replied, amused.

“A spaceship, it’s a spaceship!”

The building rested lightly on the banks of the lake, bright blue light spilling from its windows and strange antennas pushing up into the night sky.

“You’ve got such a vivid imagination dear.”

“It looks like one.” He pursed his lips.

“OK … but really?”

“… ’Suppose not.”

His mother was troubled. She could’t remember seeing it on their last visit.”

Then, slowly, the building lifted itself from the shore, and, hovering silently while gaining height, came directly towards them.

It had begun.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful weekly challenge to create some flash fiction in less than 100 words based on a photo prompt.

This weeks prompt is © CYAER. Thanks for the lovely image!

16 Replies to “La Soucoupe : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. This left me wanting to know what had begun? I find that is the real pain of one hundred words. I am quite often tempted to write the sequel. Beam me up Scotty before I do. Liked by Mike

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