Saturday in the Swiss Alps : Sunday Photo Fiction

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Saturday in the Swiss Alps

It was a long winding drive up from the valley. As James and Claire negotiated the hair pin bends towards the summit, the mountain mist descended to meet them. They finally arrived safely at the ski station.

James bought his ticket and like the other passengers was instructed to wear safety gear before getting into the cabin.

There was a whirring mechanical sound as it shuddered to life and inched its way slowly toward the summit.

Claire waved unenthusiastically. After a moment the cabin had disappeared, engulfed by the mist.

James was strangely calm and expectant as they silently came to a halt in the middle of nowhere.

Someone opened the side door exposing everyone to the icy cold embrace of the clouds.

He heard a clunk and a click as a cord was attached firmly to his ankles.


“Yup!” James gulped but didn’t hesitate.

He jumped, opening his arms like a bird and dropped.


Free Fall.

Then the elastic caught the slack and he bounced back up before falling once again.

Claire caught her breath as she saw him slowly and safely descend to earth.

It was over.

What crazy stunt was he going to do next?


I didn’t feel as if I had a choice with this week’s photo prompt! Thanks ©A Mixed Bag, 2013.

I made my second bungee jump in 1996 from a tele-cabin at over 2K metres. I had tried a few weeks before but the wind was too strong. On the second attempt I was therefore ready and eager to jump and did so without hesitating. My poor wife and my two children waited below anxiously at the reception area.



10 Replies to “Saturday in the Swiss Alps : Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Yeah… no! I keep telling myself I’ll jump out of something like that with nothing but a rubber cord or large sheet of nylon attached to me, but deep down, I know that’s not going to happen. As Sally said, you’re braver than I am. Nice story.

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