The Firmament

Clarissa finished the muffin somewhere between the entrance and the interview room, gulped down the last drops of her latte and threw the plastic cup into a waste bin.

She glanced at her mobile before slipping it into her Vuitton replica. 9.27am. Perfect!

She caught a glint from above and looked up.

A magnificent vault! The warm gold, bathed by the bright sunlight, rendered the fresco ceiling pristine.

She looked down again refocusing her attention on the purpose of her visit and knocked solemnly on the oak door.

“Enter,” she heard from within.

She took a step back, tugged on her crisp white blouse, straightened her black pleated skirt and entered.

The interview board were seated behind a long desk. There was one small wooden chair in front.

She sat and waited.

“Your position will require perfect observation.”

Clarissa opened her mouth to speak.

Not quick enough.

“How many segments in the fresco outside Ms Simmons?”

“Twelve,” she replied.

So far so good!

Little did they know what was in store for them.

Welcome to another challenge from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW).

This weeks prompt comes from ©TJ Paris, Thanks TJ!

14 Replies to “The Firmament : FFfAW”

  1. I enjoyed your descriptive writing with this story. Just describing the time it took her to eat the muffin helped maintain the pace and the whole story flowed so well. Nicely done, Graham.


  2. What a great little story! I love the fact that she gathers herself for her interview and takes the time to take in her surroundings – so much depends on close observation, something I’m not always good at, since my head is frequently in the clouds!
    Wonderfully described details!

    Liked by 1 person

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