Escalation : FFfAW


It looked a bit like the incoming froth of the tide but the bitterly cold wind betrayed the hibernal reality. Leftover snow.

Then we spotted it.

To the untrained eye it was a banal sight.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

Just a boy on a bench overlooking the city skyline across the river.

Andy pointed.

“He’s realistic ain’t he, Todd?”

“Yeah, we almost missed this one,” I replied.

“Seems broken,” Andy laughed nervously.


“We got lucky. Not like last week. Lots of damage. Thousands of casualties.”

“I’ll retrieve the device.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

I skirted around the bench and saw the faceless droid holding onto a metal box, it’s finger a few centimetres from a red button. I stifled a smirk. It was like a scene from an unimaginative SciFi flick.

But reality overtook fiction as the drone buzzed.

‘Recharge Complete.’

I lunged.

Too late.

We watched helplessly as the blast approached, billowing over the water, and although our mouths were wide open, it was far too late for screaming.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) is a weekly Flash Fiction challenge set by the amazing Priceless Joy and this is the 68th iteration. Amazing. This week’s prompt is © Barbara Taylor, thanks Barbara.

18 thoughts on “Escalation : FFfAW

    1. Thank you. I felt it had a 60s 70s scifi feel about it that could effectively be developed. Thanks as always for reading. I always look forward to your comments

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