Impressions of Iceland

Last year I finally made it to Iceland and what a fantastic place it is to visit. In addition it’s a wonderful place for photography and the four days my wife and I spent there left us spellbound but a little frustrated. The light is amazing and my photos hardly capture what my eyes saw. … Continue reading Impressions of Iceland

Simba : OWPC

I’m not a pet person and over the years I’ve only really had one pet and that was a Goldfish that was given to me by my Aunt when I was a kid. I remember travelling with it in a plastic bag in the back of the family red mini from Bristol to Chippenham. But … Continue reading Simba : OWPC

Rainbow Request

I’m posting outside of a challenge today. Recently, I posted a photo of a rainbow as part of a challenge (Curves) and a commenter liked it and we had a conversation. It turns out he hasn’t seen many rainbows (perhaps because of where he lives and prevailing weather conditions). I promised to post some so : Yousuf … Continue reading Rainbow Request