PR3498 : Friday Fictioneers

22 thoughts on “PR3498 : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. This is either a repeat picture or one similar. Mine became a series and then a series gone wrong. I got confused. I like yours. Very well done.


      1. Tessa is doing well. Tessa can do it! Will do it. I read on her site that it was a repeat from Madison Woods. I have written on there for a long time now and then though.


      1. Thanks Rochelle. I had gone to your blog to see. Found it on another page and I knew I recognized that picture. I wish I could have kept my series going, but I messed it up and couldn’t think ahead to get it back on track. I still love my first part to that particular picture.

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  2. So he lost out on both counts, building in VR sound difficult, just like writing, but for me you credit rating just went up with this story.

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  3. Dear Graham,

    Very clever and imaginative story. Although if it’s a virtual reality I would think the details could be worked out. 😉 A year? Already? I’m very happy to have you as a part of Friday Fictioneers. Happy BlogAversary.



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    1. Thanks Rochelle. I was an IT professional so I know the cost and time involved! I checked the date and it will be the 13th and yes my very first challenge was indeed FF. Thanks for bringing so much joy. I enjoy every week’s challenge.

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