The Bottle

Never accept drinks from a stranger.

It started with a light headed, spinning, almost agreeable, dancing sensation in greens and yellows, but rapidly gave way to a gut wrenching, nausea that gripped and tortured my belly. Instinctively, I bent over.

A sharp, deep pain forced me erect and although his face was masked by a hoodie, I knew it was him.

The hilt of the knife gleamed under the glaring spotlights of the bar. I couldn’t see the blade, but I felt where it had penetrated. He grunted, twisted the blade and pulled it out a few inches before ramming it back in.

An oversized sweaty hand yanked on my jaw and stuffed something foul smelling into my mouth, wedging it tight.

So there were two of them.

It wasn’t looking good but I’ve been in worse scrapes. I had just a few instants to react before the drugs took hold.

Of course I wasn’t going to attack them with either my head or my abdomen.

Leaving my arms and legs untethered was their fatal mistake.

It’s really an excellent photo prompt this week from © Nonnaci that we have been provided with for our Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. Priceless Joy is really treating us! Thanks Priceless !

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