The Show

The tent was full to overflowing. Some children skipped or ran around giggling while others cried out, victims of minor disputes. Some even sat, fidgeting and squirming, constrained or coerced by their guardians.

They’d long forgotten the piano with it’s sticking out clownish legs.

The adults enquired amongst themselves what it meant.

Was it supposed to be comedy or music?

The tent gradually went silent as a strange little man ambled in from stage right, took both legs from the piano and shuffled to stage left.

The piano started to play on it’s own.

The curtains rose.

The spectacle had begun.

I wasn’t contributing to Friday Fictioneers when this amusing prompt was proposed so this is an original story.  So thanks to John Nixon for the photo.

It does however mark an anniversary as this blog has been active for just over a year. I started it last June  and my very first challenge, coincidentally for Friday Fictioneers, was on the 13th of June 2015.

I’m excited to have maintained and nurtured it over the last 12 months and look forward to the future. I think I’ll change my bio from Aspiring Writer to Writer because that is what I feel I have become.

Next step is to hatch the short story ideas I have accumulated and start writing my first novel!

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