The Meeting

The library floor creaked as I made my way to the table. The echoes lingered as I sat.

The high ornate ceiling was bathed in a warm tungsten glow and the bookcases were adorned with perfectly aligned leather bound tomes. An odour of polished wood permeated the room.

The headmaster picked up a crisp sheet of paper from the table and rustled it absently, taking the time to look at each member of the committee in turn.

When his eyes met mine I couldn’t help holding my breath and I’m sure my cheeks flushed.

He raised an eyebrow while his lips betrayed the slightest of smiles.

I looked down to the gleaming table, the very surface of which promptly disclosed it’s own secrets.

I recalled it’s freshness on my naked body and the heat of his lips crushed against mine. I remembered the unacademic echoes of his laboured breathing mingled with my melodic lustfulness.

I relaxed and smiled.

He smiled back.

Satisfied, he took a deep breath.

“Right, shall we proceed?”

This weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt was provided by © TJ Paris. Thanks TJ!

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