The Airport : Friday Fictioneers

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The Airport

We sat in the airport lounge, hand in hand, lost in our thoughts, as the sun rose on the horizon, in what should have been a moment of optimism.

The airport went noisily about it’s business, but an uneasy silence lay between us.

We’d exhausted the possibilities over stale coffee and warm margaritas, but had finally admitted defeat.

As the incoming flight was announced, we put on our happy faces and turned to look at each other, but there was no parting kiss.

You waved to attract Martin’s attention while further along Rosemary ran eagerly into my open arms.

I was not contributing to Friday Fictioneers when this prompt was proposed so it’s a new story from me. I don’t know how Rochelle Wisoff-Fields manages to balance writing and managing this wonderful challenge but I am really grateful.

The photo prompt is copyright-Rich Voza.

18 Replies to “The Airport : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. I love a piece that can be taken different ways. Now I saw this as a married but separating couple whose children were coming in together on the same flight but one was going with the father and one with the mother… In any event, a piece that makes you think and gives scope for different interpretations cannot be anything other than a good thing.

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  2. Dear Graham,

    Good story with lots of little plots within a plot. I liked stale coffee and warm margaritas which alluded to the equally stale relationship. Nicely done. As for me, who balances? 😉 Some of my life is pretty imbalanced.



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