Stepping Stones : Sunday Photo Fiction

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Stepping Stones

I ran my fingers across the old stone wall, expecting it to feel cold, but it was surprisingly warm from it’s sunny disposition, and Summer had been unusually clement this year.

I studied the castle. It was a little over renovated to my taste. Not a brick out of place and the lawn was immaculate, probably mowed by hand. The castle buildings were in better shape than they’d ever been.

I moved to the rendezvous point. A wooden bench beside some sort of wooden catapult. It was almost time.

I placed my briefcase beside me on the bench and waited.

There was no loud pop, no flash of light. A young woman appeared beside me on the bench.

She looked surprised and a little disorientated.

She appraised my attire, perfectly appropriate for this epoch.

“Early 21st century?” she enquired.

I nodded.

“Can you give me a 300 year boost?”

“Which way are you travelling today?” I asked.

“I’m going back.”

I took a device from my briefcase.

“That’ll be 200K credits.”

She nodded, took it and spoke into it softly.

“Authorisation : Debit 200K : Backwards activate.”

Then she was gone.

I checked my schedule.

Only 5 more today.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge curated by Al Forbes. Thanks Al. This week’s photo prompt is © A Mixed Bag 2012

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