This is my entry to this weeks Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. If you are seeing the images on Facebook or Twitter and wish to read the whole story please click through to my blog 🙂

The Crisis

There remains scant and incomplete evidence of the Canine Crisis. A few films and some photographs have surfaced over the last few years but the wounds are too fresh to encourage further research.

Healing will take time.

It began with rapid advances in veterinary biotech.

Inadequate government funding for human testing provoked generous crowdfunding for canine projects.

It started with prolonging physical life with artificial limbs and advanced surgical procedures, but later, studies into the causes of canine senility provided opportunities for state of the art cerebral bio-robotic techniques.

These were always destined for humans, of course, but we lost our focus in our love for our pets. Even when they started displaying sentience, we continued to ignore the dangers until it was far too late.

Within a year it became impossible to distinguish between an adorable puppy and an intelligent, trained, killing machine.

There were many casualties on both sides but ultimately the threat to man was averted.

Some specimens have been conserved in compounds where they act as a constant reminder.

This piece of Flash Fiction was inspired by the photo prompt (The Feature Image above © Yinglan). The challenge is organised by Priceless Joy.

19 Replies to “The Crisis : FFfAW”

  1. I liked where you took your story. I also wondered how mankind and genetics might interfer to the change the status quo.


  2. Canine Terminators. What’s more frightening than Arnie as a cyborg? A doberman cyborg… The report style works really well to bring out the horror of the story – great stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “The matter of fact way you present your ‘case,’ your story makes it even more frightening,” she said. “And, just enough on the fringes of today to be believable. I know the Boxer across the street has it in for me,” she added, with a smile. “Great story, great read.”

    Liked by 1 person

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