Edit : There is now a companion story to this entry which you can read here : Precious Cargo.

The Chase

Brad’s knuckles were white as he fought to retain his grip on the handrail of the coastguard’s speedboat. His teeth chomped against his will as the speedboat bumped across the waves.

“Blast the horn,” he yelled, as they continued to make ground on the white Motor Yacht in front.

He pressed the button and the sounds of an explosion blasted from the powerful ship’s speakers as smoke billowed from the smoke generators.

“Cut the engines.”

“That should convince them,” he added as the yacht disappeared into the harbour.

“Our colleagues will seize them, and their illegal cargo, when they arrive.”

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields once again invites us to enter the Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction challenge. Thanks Rochelle and thanks to  © Jan Wayne Fields for the prompt.

You can see the other entries and even add your own by clicking on the blue froggy below.

22 Replies to “The Chase : Friday Fictioneers”

      1. I stumbled over the line too for different reasons. I thought his testament was bumping across the waves. Ah, the endless entertainment to be had … Well done Graham – and especially loved the fake explosions and smoke generators. There’s a future waiting for you at the Ministry of Defence, or at least in the shadow cabinet. Can you handle four jobs at once?

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