Grandpa Pops

It was easy to get lost in Grandpa Pops craggy visage. With so many features to explore it was hard not to stare aimlessly as if there was nothing better to do.

His only concession to fashion was his hat which sat perfectly and permanently balanced on top of his head.

I’d had to write a letter to meet him. A real letter with an envelope and a stamp.

When I’d enquired about telephone, email, or Facebook his agent had just laughed.

He coughed.

I surfaced from my reverie and remembered why I was here.

“I was hoping you might teach me, Mr Pops.”

He chuckled.

“Oh you did, did you … ,” his voice was surprisingly melodic.

He pulled a pocket watch from his jacket and suspended it from his left hand and it started to sway slowly from side to side, occasionally catching a thin sliver of sunlight that filtered through the closed blinds.

“Now … Just listen … to the sound of my voice.”

Somehow there was nothing else I wanted to do more, and I just let myself go.

Deeper and deeper.

Totally relaxed.

I was relieved to discover that the Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner weekly challenge was back after a short pause. I’d missed it and it’s a lovely challenge indeed!

13 Replies to “Grandpa Pops : FFftPP”

  1. Very interesting story. So, he wants his Grandpa to teach him to hypnotize? I’ve a university who does that lol. Or is Grandpa hypnotizing him so he’ll do what he wants? Great take Graham.

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      1. No I didn’t Graham. That’s very cool. You’ve done so many jobs and things I’m not surprised though 🙂 Do you hold shows or do parties?

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      2. I’ve never done stage hypnosis but I did have a successful private practice for a few years. Nowadays I only help the occasional client. I’m too busy doing other things 😉

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