The Fish Pond : Friday Fictioneers

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This weeks Friday Fictioneers prompt is © Janet Webb. Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and this particular prompt is a rerun from 3 years back. Thanks Rochelle!

I wasn’t writing then, so this entry is as fresh as I could make it.


The Fish Pond

James, Bob and Steve left the pub well sozzled.

They stopped by the local store for more beers and, passing by the local Supermarket, Steve noticed three untethered trollies.

“Let’s load’em and race home.”

They divided their supplies and lined up in the middle of the road.

Suddenly, James made a bolt for the end of the street and the two others followed, laughing and swearing.

Then, inexplicably, James ran straight into the local pond with Bob And Steve following.

At the inquest it was explained how it was possible to drown in such shallow water.

Steve and Bob wept.

Word Count (100)

23 Replies to “The Fish Pond : Friday Fictioneers”

  1. Dear Graham,

    I once heard movie director Spike Lee say “First you make them laugh, then you make them cry.” You did this very well. Note: Sozzle is a new word for me. I’ll have to remember it. 😉



    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can see you having a lot of fun Emma. 100 words is more of a challenge than you might think. You really have to chop a lot off!!


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