The Appointment : Sunday Photo Fiction

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The Appointment

Henry knocked and entered.

His eyes adjusted slowly to the dim red lighting of the hallway and he noticed a garment suspended from a hook. In the gloom he mistook it for a dress, but on touching it, he realised, with bewilderment, that it was chainmail.

Remembering his instructions, he undressed and folded his clothes neatly on a chair.

His muscles tensed with surprise as he seized the hauberk from it’s hanger.

This is not going to be easy, he thought.

He laid it flat on the floor with a thud and it chinked noisily as he manoeuvred it into place.

Kneeling, he grabbed the hem of the garment and pulled it slowly over his head, swearing as it snagged his hair.

The contact of cold metal on his skin made him shiver, and balancing carefully from one leg to the other, he stood hesitantly, minimising further contact with his naked, vulnerable body.

A strong commanding voice pierced the door of an adjoining room.

“Are you going to take all day, I’m losing patience.”

“No Madame, I’m ready,” he stammered.

“Clench my gift in your teeth and crawl in here.”

He obeyed.

Here is my entry to today’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. The prompt is © A Mixed Bag, 2012.

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    1. Thanks for being there C.E. I always look forward to your comments. Graham has been suitably punished. Strangely he seems to enjoy it.


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