The Match

Susan took her cardigan from over her shoulders and slid her hands through the sleeves to escape the wind.

The club was popular, but not enough to afford any comforts for it’s spectators.

The boys warmed up for the match but Susan was not watching them and glanced instead at her watch and the car park.

Glancing along the line of Mums and Grannies she frowned.

Men would beat their chests and send their kids off to play sports but it was women that shared the burden of endless practice sessions and away games.

If she had children one day, she couldn’t see herself accepting the role.

The crunch of tyres on gravel heralded the arrival of the opposing team. The coach door opened with a hiss, and they spilled out onto the pitch.

She spotted Brian and went to greet him. He waved and smiled, they shook hands and went into the clubhouse.

He locked the door and she pushed against him wantonly.

You could accomplish a lot behind locked doors in 45 minutes.

This is my entry to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

I’ve been a good boy today after my rather lengthy entry last week. It clocks in at exactly 175 words.

The prompt is ©Yinglan. Thanks for such a lovely photo prompt and thanks of course to Priceless Joy!

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