my500words day 10 : Progress

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I don’t have a story to post today but I did write over 700 words working  on todays prompt and of course I posted my entry to Friday Fictioneers earlier today.

One of the advantages of writing regularly and free writing in particular is that you rapidly accumulate a generous amount of words to work with.

Since I started writing over a year ago my method of writing was to ‘craft’ each sentence as it came, editing and re-editing as I went along.

Now I find that if I just write what comes into my head and stop myself from editing and grammar and punctuation checking as I go along, I end up with far richer resources with which to work with.

Sometimes I define the ‘plot’ of the story in advance but these past few days the structure of the story often pops up as I’m writing and I’ve been pleased with several of the stories I’ve written.

Another highlight of last weeks challenges was the short story I wrote and posted in three parts as it’s total length was over 2000 words.

So far I’m enjoying myself and I really don’t think this will change.

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