my500words : Day 16 : Can I persuade you?

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Todays challenge is to persuade you.

This challenge was set a few days ago and although I wrote more than my 500 words that day I let myself be sidetracked so I promised myself I would come back and address this challenge head on.

So here we go!


Can I persuade you?

Hello, I’m Graham and I’m a Hypnotist.

Have you ever thought about trying hypnosis? What does that word conjure up for you? Does it appeal to your curiosity or are you afraid of it?

I trained as a nurse and worked for years in hospitals both in the UK and Switzerland, caring for people. Holding their hands when they were in pain and reassuring them when they were afraid. I also worked in Mental Hospitals, as they were called then, and saw first hand, how the mind could ravage people. I spent a lot of time talking and accompanying people depressed, anxious or agitated.

When my children were born I switched to Information Technology for a better family life, but In many ways I continued to care for people, anguished and a bit lost because they had to abandon their typewriters and learn how to use Word Processors. I helped them as they struggled with Spreadsheets and wrestled with rigid applications that hadn’t yet acquired user friendliness.

In the lead up to early retirement I wanted to leave a largely machine orientated profession and redevelop my people skills.

So I trained as a Hypnotist. Spending long hours acquiring new skills over months of practice. I hypnotised my fellow students and my teachers and I was frequently hypnotised myself.

It’s rare that I meet someone ambivalent towards hypnosis and talking to people about hypnosis over the years, when the subject arises, people have their own opinion, one way or the other but mostly through hearsay than through personal experience.

I’ve met people that have told me they couldn’t be hypnotised but I haven’t yet met someone that has tried hypnosis and had a really bad experience.

There has been quite a lot of scaremongering over the years both in the press and on television, it’s a recurring subject that journalists take out of the drawer from time to time isn’t it?

The benefits of hypnosis are personal and not collective, which is why, perhaps, that it has retained a relatively discreet and intimate reputation. Even amongst those that have benefited from it, it is rare that they discuss it outside of their sessions.

It’s not really a hot topic over a pot of tea and a Victoria sponge, or frequently discussed between the cheese platter and the dessert.

As it remains relatively secretive, it’s difficult for you, if you haven’t experienced hypnosis yourself to form your own opinions. Most people are wary or afraid.

The visible face of hypnosis is often shown by stage hypnotist on the television or in theatres and they don’t always portray hypnosis under a favourable light. I’m sure most of you have seen at least one. You might have been entertained but it probably worried you, didn’t it?

Let’s picture the scene.

People are chosen from the audience and lined up on stage and made to do silly things to make the audience laugh. They become loud clucking chickens or are smitten by the guy, or gal, next to them.

With flourishing movements and with humour when they are at their most entertaining, Stage Hypnotists pose their hands on the subjects forehead or shoulder and people just fall back on their chairs or topple onto the person beside them.

If you think about it though, the people chosen to be on stage, consciously or unconsciously want to give as good a show as they can of course, and naturally their susceptibility has been hand picked by the Hypnotist, whose sole intent is to entertain you. Did you notice how many of those chosen had been kindly sent back to their seats until only those that the experienced stage hypnotise judged to be the most susceptible and motivated remained on stage.

Imagine the pressure on them. Their 5 minutes of fame had finally arrived and whether they are hypnotised or not, and I don’t doubt for a moment that some of them really were, they would naturally aspire to be the absolute best chickens that they could be. They would want to fall better, giggle louder and sleep more soundly than all the others.

It’s a show, but when you leave the theatre or switch off the TV you can’t help wondering can you? What would happen to you in a one to one session with a hypnotist? Could the Hypnotist make you do something against your will?

I think that’s what perturbs people the most, losing control and the fear of becoming stuck.

This is a very healthy fear to have by the way, but let me take a moment to reassure you.

The reality is, and any Hypnotist will tell you, that you can’t be made to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. The mind has an ethical and moral barrier that prevents us from committing acts that we wouldn’t ordinarily engage in consciously. In addition the person in trance is there by choice and is free to get up and go at any moment of their choosing.

Hypnosis relies on trust. Trust between the hypnotist and the client. Without trust and consent sessions will fail.

The area of expertise of hypnosis is to enable you to accomplish things that you want to do but are having problems realising. It works closely with you to go past the blockages and put you in touch with your full capabilities.

It can help you to stop smoking, gain self confidence and even help you to surmount fears and phobias. If you can imagine any sort of malfunction in your life where you feel unable to cope or feel blocked from realising, not by others, but by yourself, hypnosis can help.

It does this by connecting to and strengthening your inner resolve and placing subtle personal reminders to overcome destructive patterns picked up by negative habits over the years.

In it’s simplest form, it will help you to relax and let go of stress and worries, the time of a session, and this wonderful relaxing feeling will linger as long as you able to hold onto it.

Without the slightest therapeutic intention, hypnosis is a great tool for relaxing and driving away on the winds of your dreams.

The cherry on the cake is that I can teach you how to achieve the same relaxation all on your own. I’ll show you how to set your personal timer and relax for as long as you’ve decided beforehand.

It’s very tempting isn’t it?

Let’s have a one on one soon so we can set your hypnotic goals. (1089 words)

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