Bert slammed the newspaper onto the breakfast bar.

He felt sick, the team had lost again, the third time in a row.

He ripped the newspaper with rage, tossed it aside and took a swig of cheap vodka, straight from the bottle.

No time for breakfast, this would have to do.

He took another swig and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He felt a bit better.

Sally looked across at him.

Eyes blinking, she shivered.

Her fear made him horny, it excited him and got his juices flowing.

“Get over here,” he snarled.

She made to move but hesitated.


He waited until she was at arms length and then swiped her left cheek with the flat of his hand.

It stung.

He liked that.

She crumpled to the floor without uttering a sound.

Useless woman.

Couldn’t even protest.

Like everyone else, eager to get out of his way.

“Get up.”

She pushed herself against the wall and cowered in fear, holding both hands before her face.

“Get up and come here,” he snapped.

She shuddered.

“God dammit woman, if I have to come and get you…”

She whimpered and rose to her feet.

Her nose was bleeding, and red drops fell onto her grubby t-shirt.

He loved it when he left traces on her.

He rubbed himself between his legs enjoying his touch.

She advanced step by step to where he was sitting.

He reached out behind her head, took a fistful of hair, and pulled her towards him until she was just inches away.

His face was beginning to tingle and he felt spit rising in his mouth.

Reaching out his tongue, he tasted her blood as it mingled with his drool, tasting so much better than vodka.

His mouth full, he expelled it one go and it sprayed out in front of him.

She tried to wipe her face with her hands but he was too quick.

He seized each wrist and squeezed until he felt her bones crack under his fingers. Then he pulled her arms together and gripped both wrists in one hand.

With his free hand, he gripped the top of her t-shirt and pulled it downwards until the fabric split.  He exposed her breasts, nipples erect and defiant.

Something was wrong.

He looked up, away from her breasts and she was smiling.

No, she was smirking.

Then he glimpsed her knee as it came up and exploded between his legs.

He lost his grip and doubled over in excruciating pain.

His legs somewhat apart she brought her other knee up and crushed once again.

He let go of her wrists in surprise. She used her freedom to pummel his face and chest with astonishing force.

He toppled over backward onto the cold kitchen tiles, and she jumped on top of him, pinning him to the floor. Straddling him with all her weight, he felt a warm stickiness smearing over his bare chest.

“You like that, Darling, don’t you?” she hissed through gritted teeth, her eyes, wild, her pupils like inky black pools.

And he did.

He really did.

Eyes riveted, excitement growing, he didn’t catch sight of the knife.

It glinted with the first pale rays of morning sunlight as she lowered it.

It pierced his left eye and lodged itself deep in his skull.

All he felt was a searing, blinding pain.

And then nothing.

(570 words)

Todays my500words challenge was to write with a different voice. It was more of a challenge than I thought and because it’s only around 500 words it doesn’t leave much room to be subtle, or that’s how I felt anyway.

I really didn’t like the guy and I knew I had to write him out of the story before I had finished.

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