© Iain Kelly

John Doe came up with the idea.

We call him John because our names are unpronounceable on this planet. My Earth name is Jane Smith, but like John, there aren’t enough letters in your alphabet for my real name.

We needed a means of getting around safely and undetected.

Our earth suits were the first step. They give us an Earth-like appearance.

I enjoy wearing the female model. I love the variety of clothes and accessories that the suit can wear.

John just wears the same old black suit model, day in day out. He says it’s because he saw a film during our training. I think it was called ‘The Man in Black’ or something like that.

When asked he says, “It’s only a suit, who cares if it always looks the same?”

He does look weird, with those sunglasses fixed to his suit-face, day and night.

So it was John’s idea to print some aerial transport that didn’t look too out of place. We just installed our own propulsion devices and a sound box or two to make just the right sorts of noises.

They’re fun to drive.

Sorry, fly.

Here is my entry to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, expertly managed by the incredible Priceless Joy.

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