Young Steve was a dreamer, and stars occupied his dreams. He spent his pocket money on Telescopes and Star atlases and watched Astronomy programs on the families black and white television.

Steve came back to earth, found his true love and fathered two amazing children while the earth continued to spin around the sun and the moon played games with the tides.

Old Steve, withered, and broken, drew comfort from the twinkling lights of the Xmas tree.

He knew that it was time for him to fly, at last, towards the distant galaxies of his childhood dreams.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly Flash Fiction challenge set by the amazing and inspirational Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. It’s also one of the reasons I started to write and its community of great writers and artists motivate me every week.

This week’s prompt was provided by © Vijaya Sundaram. What a great prompt it has proved to be.

I’d like to raise my glass to all of you.

38 Replies to “Friday Fictioneers : Stars”

  1. Great story Graham. Rochelle was also the reason I started writing and the reason I started Sunday Photo Fiction. She does a great job, and so do you with your multitude of excellent fiction.

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  2. Dear Graham,

    Such a sweet way of telling the story of someone’s life.

    It’s always gratifying for me to know the impact Friday Fictioneers has made on another writer. Thank you so much for that. 😀




    1. Thanks Rochelle. It just flowed somehow. I intended to write something else and this is what I ended up with. It’s so satisfying. Looking forward to next weeks prompt! xx


  3. Lovely! My first thought was the same as Neil’s–a whole life in 100 words. And what a life–this reminds me that we all have these touchstones that we take pleasure in–and the pleasure could be so quiet that no one else would really know about it.


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