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Samantha poked her tongue at her reflection in the mirror and tussled her long auburn hair.

Too much pizza or too many cakes and biscuits?

Probably both she thought and rolled her eyes.

She returned to the bedroom and dressed for her appointment.

Something ample and dark to hide those unwanted curves, nothing flashy.

She scanned her wardrobe and chose, without enthusiasm, a formless dark grey dress.

— O —

She entered the consulting room, and felt uncomfortable, as her consultant, Mary, scanned her from head to toe.

“Please sit,” Mary requested, and gave a warm welcoming smile.

Samantha sat, and as they chatted about clothes and colours, Mary proceeded to drape different coloured scarves around her shoulders.

Samantha looked in the mirror.

Blues and pastels looked harsh for her complexion while blacks and greys did nothing to highlight her skin tone.

Then, Mary arranged oranges, deep yellows and rich olive greens; the shades of nature.

Samantha’s complexion came alive before her eyes and she felt flushed with fresh emotions.

“You see, my dear, you’re definitely an Autumn person. What a wise choice to choose a Colour and Style Consultant. Let’s get to work straight away on your palette.”

Guide for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

1. A prompt photo will be provided each Tuesday to be used as a base to your story. Please include photo prompt with your story.

2. Linking for this challenge begins on Tuesday and runs to the following Monday evening.

3. Please credit photo to photographer.

4. The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words). Please try and stay within this limit.

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18 Replies to “FFfAW : Autumn”

      1. hurray!!….i love winter and dress dreary and grey too, suits the mood i am always in…happy to read you are a winter too! The word count really keeps us creative and sometimes i want to spin a little more but always end up chopping paragraphs to bits. Would have been cool to see how her outfit turned out.

        Liked by 1 person

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