Friday Fictioneers : The Nursery

41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers : The Nursery”

  1. Dear Graham,

    I’m assuming St. Anne’s is a psychiatric facility? I felt just a hint of a disconnect at that point. However that’s a mere nitpick. I really enjoyed your take on the prompt. I think he has the right idea. Time to move on.



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    1. Yes, I understand, I probably should have written ‘absent for the weekend’ my intention was she was recovering in some sort of institution …


  2. I enjoyed this, and didn’t feel that her ailment was important, just that he had time to execute his plan.
    And thereby allow you to stitch us up with your punch line!
    Was that Graham’s idea?

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  3. In theory it’s a good plan but I fear there will be conflict after its executed. People grieve in different ways and at different speeds and men are always trying to fix problems. I like the piece very much. It made me take the woman’s side. Interesting reaction.

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