Sunday Photo Fiction : A Quiet Invasion

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A Quiet Invasion

There were no silver spaceships, no stormtroopers coming out of flying saucers and no battles in the streets.

The army remained in their barracks or were deployed elsewhere, in the many senseless and stupid conflicts around the globe.

There were no announcements on the Ten O’Clock News, no front-page headlines and no protests on the streets.

They didn’t come, because they were already here. They had arrived discreetly, well before modern science, that they helped to create, could detect them.

They provided the silent nudges, the springboards that aided discovery and were the gardeners that tended their gardens, sowing the seeds and nurturing their plants with care.

They were happy, and most of them, several generations later, had even forgotten their origins or even why they were here.

But some of them were not happy at all with the way their adopted planet was being poisoned and it’s resources depleted, and they met in secret to decide what to do to protect their acquisition.

The thinkers, artists and scientists reluctantly admitted defeat.

In the end, there was only one solution.

It was time to send word to their military.

Time to invade and conquer the planet. (196 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write around 200 words from a photo prompt. This week’s prompt is © A mixed bag. What a great prompt!

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