© Jade M. Wong, 2016


A New Day

Janet turned off the shower and stepped out onto the bathroom mat. The cold air made her skin tingle. She’d left the bathroom window half open.

Shivering, she rubbed the towel vigorously over her body to keep warm, then wiped the steam covered mirror, squinting to examine her features.

Without her glasses, she couldn’t see much and as soon as she put them on they misted over too.

She chuckled and stepped into the bedroom.

It was going to be a great day, she just knew it. New beginnings, a fresh start.

She was determined to put the unkind past behind her.

As she stared in the mirror she knew exactly what to do.

She tied back her hair and applied foundation and eyeshadow.

Throwing her usual lipstick into the bin, she carefully applied the new bright pink one she’d purchased yesterday.

Topping it off with some glossy lip shine, she concluded with a pink blush.

Not bad she thought and smiled.

A new day called for a new face.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge set by Priceless Joy. The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words).

24 Replies to “FFfAW : A New Day”

  1. I like the way you’ve gone ‘outside the box’ with this one, linking the story to the prompt picture with the use of ‘face’ and the colour pink. You’ve created a nice, cheerful scene of someone starting all over again. Happy pink!

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  2. I liked this one so much, Graham….the new day and the new face. That probably means so many things to so many different people….to me it reminds me of my dad telling us kids, when we weren’t looking forward to the day cuz of yesterday 😛 just to get up and take a shower and get on with it – can’t do a thing about yesterday.

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