FFfAW : The Stairs

The Stairs

The Stairs

The door slammed shut behind her, and try as she might, the doorknob just turned uselessly. She was trapped in the stairwell and only had two choices, because even if she managed to open the door, her pursuers were mere minutes behind her.
She could either go up.
Or she could go down.
She went to edge of the stairs listened and looked up and down.
She couldn’t see or hear any movement in the stairwell and it rose and fell floor after floor without anything looking like an exit.
Hearing muffled voices in the distance she knew that she didn’t have any time left and must make her decision now.
It all came down to stamina.
It’s far easier to run down the stairs than to climb up them.
She took off her shoes and started to descend.
Halfway down the second flight of stairs, all the lights went out.
When they came back on there was thunderous applause and she was showered by confetti from above.
Her colleagues were laughing and cheering in the stairwell.
They all were having fun welcoming the firm’s new office temp.

I’m still on my travels this week and writing Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer from my hotel room. This weeks prompt is ©Joy Pixley. Thanks Joy!


11 thoughts on “FFfAW : The Stairs

  1. Oh wow. Sounds like some scary things are happening to this person but its only her colleagues hazing her and accepting her. I bet she’s happy that’s over with 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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